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molli jackson ehlert

molli jackson ehlert

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Best Of 2023!

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EVERYBODY HAS A BODY honored as a Best Picture Book of 2023 by Kirkus


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"honest, loving, and powerful"

“an important viewpoint that should help children see differences that are to be celebrated in every corner of our world”



About Me

Molli Jackson Ehlert...

studied social psychology at Barnard College of Columbia ​University. She bounced around from academia to cooking to ​animal rescue, but she's found a home in writing.

As a kid, Molli made up stories, wrote poems, and was a nerd who ​loved essays. She strives to create stories she never saw growing ​up, highlighting qualities often looked down upon.

Her debut picture book, EVERYBODY HAS A BODY, released ​August 2023, aiming to teach young readers about body ​neutrality by featuring all types of bodies and abilities.

Currently residing in New Jersey, Molli is a mother to an active ​toddler she hopes will grow up with an open mind and an open ​heart.


Everybody has a body

Feiwel & Friends, MacMillan

Out Now! ORDER

Everybody has a body. Whether you're short, tall, fat, thin, hairy, bald, whether you use a wheelchair or have a limb difference, we all rely on our bodies to take us through the world.

With a body neutral approach - your body isn't good or bad, it just is - this is an accessible and fun read that's perfect for kids who have questions about the different bodies they encounter every day.

Illustrated by Lorian Tu

all food is good food

Feiwel & Friends, MacMillan

August 13, 2024 ORDER!

All food is good food. Food fuels your day, nourishes ​your body, and excites your taste buds. Sweet or salty? ​Spicy or sour? Tried and true favorites or a food you’ve ​never tried before? There’s room for all of it on your ​plate, and whatever makes you feel good is what’s right ​for you.

Prepare for your mouth to water!

Illustrated by Fanny Liem



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